CoronaSTOP is a gratuitous contribution of the specialists of Socmedica JSC in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to CoronaSTOP application citizens, without violating the regime of self-isolation and without putting themselves and their loved ones at risk, can safely remotely receive full advisory information. 

The application is an electronic system of pre-medical risk assessment of the development of complications COVID-19, created on the basis of documents:

The application was developed with the support of Russian Railways - Medicine and was approved by: National Association of Honored Doctors of Russia, Chief Infectionist of the FMBA of Russia V.V. Nikiforov

Allows in 1 minute
  • Determine the risk of infection with COVID-19 and the likelihood of its presence.

  • The risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS and the likelihood of its presence.

  • Get current recommendations approved by the RF Ministry of Health and WHO, taking into account personal data and the epidemiological situation at the place of stay.

  • Assess the need for emergency or planned medical care.

What is CoronaSTOP
  • System based on artificial intelligence UMKB.

  • Updated in real time, contains relevant epidemiological and statistical data for all regions of the Russian Federation and the world, which allows you to assess the risks of infection and make the most likely forecast for the development of complications.

  • Able to analyze the effectiveness of preventive measures, assess personal risks based on health status and contacts.

  • Combines the latest recommendations of the RF Ministry of Health and WHO.

How CoronaSTOP works
  • Fill out the application form, noting the answers that are correct for your condition.

  • The result will appear on the screen as a percentage of the probability of having COVID-19 and the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS. (Why is it so important to know this?) *.

  • When you click on the “Get Recommendations” button, an individual list of recommendations will be generated for you with a detailed explanation and the need for additional studies and therapy*

*The most common and most serious complication of COVID-19 is the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS. The likelihood of developing ARDS significantly increases a certain list of concomitant diseases. Risk assessment of ARDS will allow patients to seek medical help in a timely manner and survive.

About the developer

Socmedica JSC is an IT company established in 2012 and specializing in the creation of artificial intelligence and expert systems in the field of medicine. Resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center since 2014. At the moment Socmedica JSC has 38 employees, including experts, doctors, programmers. For 8 years of work the company Socmedica JSC has developed 8 information systems. Some programs have been successfully implemented and operate in many medical institutions of the Russian Federation.



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